Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pup Mom Crate?

We are a subscription service that sends out 5-8 goodies for pups and their human moms every month! Our box contains beauty and wellness products for women as well as toys and accessories for dogs. 

How does it work?

Once you subscribe to Pup Mom Crate, you'll receive a monthly box with 5-8 goodies for both you and your pup!

Can we feature our product in Pup Mom Crate?

We are actively working every month to discover new products! If you believe your product is a fit for our box, please email us at

I'm an influencer. How can I work with Pup Mom Crate?

We love working with influencers! Email us at to discuss options.

When does my subscription renew?

The subscription renews on the 15th at 12:00AM UTC every month. To avoid getting the next box and having your subscription renewed, you must cancel your subscription before then.

Can I Get a Refund?

If there are extraneous circumstances and you forget to cancel on time, you have a grace period of three (3) calendar days to request a refund. If you are within your grace period, please email us and we will issue a refund. Refunds are applicable for month-to-month plans but not for any prepay plans or any add on boxes or boxes that have already shipped.

Do you ship to Canada?

We don't currently ship to Canada but we do plan on shipping out there soon!

Do you ship to any countries outside of the US?

Unfortunately, we do not ship to other countries at this time. We are actively working on figuring out ways to make Pup Mom Crate accessible to international customers.

How long will it take to get my box?

We ship out on the 5th of every month. Shipping usually takes 1-5 business days.

I have moved/accidentally entered the wrong address.

If you have moved or made a mistake while filling out the shipping address, you may change it in your customer account page. Please note that the last day to change your address to receive the next box is the last day of the month. For example, if the next box will be shipped on April 5th, the last day to update your address will be March 31st. If you realize the shipping address is wrong after we have shipped the box, please contact USPS to intercept. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do once the package is with USPS.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime by logging into your account at On the left side, there should be an area in which you can cancel your subscription. If you cancelled your subscription on or after the 15th at 12:00AM UTC, you are scheduled to get a shipment on the 5th of next month. If you do not want to receive the next shipment, you have a grace period of three (3) calendar days to request a refund. If you are within your grace period, please email us and we will issue a refund. Cancelling your subscription does not automatically give you a refund. You must email us.

I cancelled my subscription but still received a box, why?

To receive a box after cancelling a subscription, one must have cancelled the subscription after they paid for the month. The subscription renews on the 15th at 12:00AM UTC of each month and boxes are shipped on the 5th of the following month.

If you subscribed and cancelled before your first renewal, you will still receive a box because the first month will have been paid for. You will not receive any box after the first month. If you have ordered accidentally or do not want a box at all, please so we can refund you the payment.

If you're ordering a box that ships the same month as your order (example: you order on the 1st for a 5th shipment), it will not be eligible for a refund due to the quick processing and shipment of your box order.  

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